The Manual Book

Absent fathers and men in homes have reached staggering figures, with some estimates saying that up to 60% of homes have no adult males present. 


The ramifications of children growing up without a male role model is evident in our crime statistics, and in the destruction of the fabric of our society. A young man growing up without a good male role model is up to 10 times more likely to find himself on the wrong side of the criminal justice system.  


Yet, in too many cases when men are present in the home, the devastation and cruelty they perform within the family unit is in many cases a lot worse than if they had not been present at all. The negative effects on young boys is only half the devastation, as girls are as affected, and in many cases become the victims of unspeakable cruelty. 


The Real MANnual was written to fill the gap that absent fathers and good role models leave. It is designed to train and inform men, and to enlighten girls and woman. It is a set of rules on how to behave, and what to do in various life situations. 


Our goal within the next 24 months is to place The Real MANual in the hands of 5 million men and women, so that they may have a guide on how to live as real men; and it is so that women may know and have a benchmark, when engaging and interacting with a man. They say the best time to have a conversation with a man who has assaulted his wife, was when that man was 14 years old. 


It is our intention for the manual to be a textbook in schools, so that from a young age, boys may learn what it is to be a real man. That girls can get a better understanding of what to expect and demand from a man. We wish for corporations to become annual sponsors of the manuals to dedicated schools around the country. For corporations to invest in the manual for their staff. It is our dream that every taxpayer sponsors a manual, this will begin a movement that will start a conversation, and make a massive impact in our society.


Gavin Sharples

The Real MANual