• Gavin Houlston

Corporate Social Responsibility vs Corporate Social Investment – Is there not a better way?

An article published on the 22nd May 2019 and posted online at :

provides us with a precise and interesting comparison between CSI and CSR. Often misunderstood and misrepresented, the article gives clarity and definition.

In these challenging times where selflessness and empathy need to be at the forefront of social consciousness, maybe we should encourage a new way of thinking - Socially Responsible Giving by Business (SRGB)

Consider merging the best of both worlds, taking the determination and drive to generate money that embodies capitalism and marrying it to the gentle hand of social conscience to make a real difference.

Giving should be in the DNA of all successful businesses, not just the corporates. If businesses of all shapes and sizes make the commitment to give about the responsibility to support high impact non-profit organisations and not about marketing their brands for additional profitability, the impact is likely to be immeasurable.

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